Justice Guy



Genre: Multyplayer Platform Shooter

Platforms: PC

Status: Completed!

About The Game

This is the first ever game jam that Winston and Tyler teamed up on! The game was just about done when Tyler realized he needed some desperate art assistance and Winston joined in the fray.

If you have ever played Contra, you know what to expect here. Only there’s a twist! A second player can spawn in as any one of the random enemies, be it space ship, turret or ground unit. This element ads a lot of excitement to the game play and can result in some very funny situations.


The game takes the player through several diverse levels with their own backdrops, environment pieces and turrets! The game is pretty challenging by nature so seeing most of these levels is a real achievement. The last mission in the game was supposed to be an awesome moon base siege but there wasn’t enough time in the jam to put it in and all that remains of that is this one screenshot…