The Surface of Mars



Genre: Exploration

Platforms: PC

Status: Completed!

About The Game

Dark Side of The Jam was a game jam hosted NASA itself that challenged developers to create games focused around space!

The Surface of Mars was created to simulate what it might be like to walk along the surface of the red planet. The topology of this game is generated from an actual height map of a canyon that can be found on Mars. Although the topology is based in fact, the alien life that we placed on it is fantasy. The mysterious tree like flora was part of a back story that didn’t quite get fleshed out but stands as an eerie presence on the planet as you explore and search for the remains of your ship.

The game also supports the Oculus Rift so if you have that guy hooked up, you’re in for a treat! That coupled with some amazing audio work by our friend Paul Diaz creates a truly engrossing experience.