Genre: Real Life

Platforms: Hands and Body

Status: We did it!


About The Game

This game was a bit of an experiment of some local friends of ours and our very own Tyler! These guys discovered how awesome low shutter speeds and LED lights were and started making some crazy light art! That wasn’t enough for Tyler though, he wanted to turn it into some kind of game! The ending result was a little bit Pictionary, some parts Charades, a bit of Pokemon, and a whole lot of flailing around and yelling!

Some folks associated with IndieCade got wind of the game and invited us all to be part of their Night Games where hundreds of developers and game enthusiasts joined in the fun and made all kinds of light art with us!

If you’re still wondering how this all works, we made a few vids before we went to IndieCade 2012 that might help you understand.

Fun fact you can tell all your friends

The music, created by the one and only Anton Riehl, was composed in order to let the players know when the timer starts and ends! Once the music is up, the shutter is closed so stop drawing in the air like a fool!

Here is the result of one of our glorious monster battles where the winner is decided by favor of the audience. The monster with the loudest audience response destroys the opposing monster!


(On the left you will see Winston’s winged laser serpent and on the right we have one of our good friend Tristan Moore’s giant alien battle suit!)