Genre: Golf Management

Platforms: iOS

Status: In Development

About The Game

Build. Create. Customize. Personalize. Play. Challenge your friends. These are the buzz words we use in describing the games of today. They’ve been said before. But have they been said about a golf game? Or how about a golf game on your mobile device?

1) Build your course. At the beginning of the game, players are asked to begin laying out their golf course by putting down their clubhouse and their first golf hole. They begin collecting money from customers and they can use that to buy more holes or upgrade their facilities and hire staff. Space is limited so players have to fit up to 18 holes on their plot of land like a puzzle. A golf course is a business and players can set their own prices, taking into consideration their course rating and attempting to maximize profit based on demand.

2) Play your course. This is a golf game after all. You will be able to play your new golf course in a traditional style of a golf game. You can even customize each hole before you play it by adjusting the depth of the sand bunkers, or the undulation of the green and fairways. Set the course up for easy scoring or make it an incredible challenge. The decision is yours. And, you can upgrade your golfer with better equipment, giving you more distance off the tee or more accuracy with your irons.

3) Challenge your friends. Issue challenges to your friends for 9 or 18 hole matches, or a closest to the pin contest on a Par 3. Wager in game coins, beat your friends at their own course and take their money.

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