Adventure Time!



Genre: Mega Mini-Boss Mission Gauntlet

Platforms: PC

Status: Completed!

About The Game

Tyler always gets to have all the fun… Evolution, Space, Other things! When ever a theme for a game jam comes rolling around, it’s perfect for his crazy design brain to wrap his head around. When will Winston ever get his time to shine?!

The Adventure Time Game Jam was that time! Pendleton Ward and friends decided to launch the greatest game jam of its time challenging developers from all over to create AT themed games for his and all our pleasure! Tyler knelt down and placed his hand on Winston’s shoulder then softly whispered… “You do good art for me. Now it is time for me to do you a good and let you lead this mighty jam! Do you accept?”

Winston accepted.


Adventure Time: Mega Mini-Boss Mission Gauntlet is a frantic WarioWare style game played on the 16 bit system of BMO’s own face. It challenges the player to overcome some of the toughest challenges in Ooo to train their body and mind in becoming a better hero and adventurer. Its very easy to jump into but tough to master.