Genre: Flower Game

Status: Released!


About The Game

This is one of the most relaxing games Retora has yet to make! If you feel like taking it easy for a while, this is the place to do it. A Plant’s Life puts all the accomplishment and beauty of growing your own garden in your pocket. There is plenty of stuff to do in order to take care and grow your very own wonderful plants but if it’s more your style, you can take a more passive approach and sit back as your plants grow into there own and surprise you with their glory!

Just like plants you might find in a real life outdoor environment, these plants will grow even if your not looking intensely at them. You can plant a seed in some rich soil and add some water and nutrients then go about your business. The notifications will let you know whats happening with your plant at any time so you will know if someone is ready for a trim!


One of the most interesting aspects of this game is the seeds you collect. As you play, your plant’s will cross pollinate and help you unlock new seeds! You might notice that a seed you have grows into a plant that looks very similar to two other plants you already have! With enough dedication, you can truly create the garden of your dreams and with the games wonderful graphics, its really something to behold!

There are loads of things to enjoy in this game including tons of customizable backgrounds, pots and tables! It’s really hard to explain the magnitude even though we made the darn thing so check out this video and see for yourself!