Genre: Circle Game

Status: Released!


About The Game

Hello Color is a very special little game for us Retora folks. It was the first game we ever released as a team! Tyler created this idea as part of a tutorial to help people learn programming in good ol’ Lua. A while after the demonstration, Tyler kept adding ideas to this and slowly forming it into the game we all know today. Only it was way ugly so Winston had to spruce things up and make everything glossy and spelled wrong!

The idea to this game is very simple; press the circles when the background matches. That’s it! Simple but very addictive! To add an extra layer, Tyler implemented an interesting formula to calculate the colors of the spectrum each individual player’s eyes see better or worse. After a while of playing, you can start to see information on the game’s graph display that. The more you play, the more accurate the graph becomes and it starts to paint a very clear picture of your own attention to color!

While developing, we did a lot of research and learned a lot about color blindness and different color spectrums. It’s all knowledge that we utilize and consider while making games to this day. It was a real pleasure to develop and we are proud to have this as our first released title!